10th UNISEC Space Takumi Conference


                    10th UNISEC Space Takumi Conference

We accept participants on the day of the event, however we strongly recommend to contact us and send necessary information for participation in advance.

Please send the following information to UNISEC Office before March 11th (Wednesday):

  • 1) Full name
  • 2) Affiliation
  • 3) Contact information (email, mobile phone)
  • 4) Let us know if you participate or not in Friendship Reunion Party

     10th UNISEC Space Takumi Conference overview

 Date  17 March (Tuesday), 2020
 Time  10:00~18:15 (planned)
 Place  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama Campus, Ishiwadai Hall №3,   floor 3, conference room №304
 Host organization  NPO UNISEC (University Space Engineering Consortium)
 Supporting   organizations   1) The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
2) JSME Space Engineering Division
3) The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
 Participation fee  Regular member   3,000 \
 Non-regular member   5,000 \
 Student member   1,000 \
 Student non-member   2,000 \
 65 years older adult   1,000 \
 Thesis collection fee  During conference   2,000 \
 After conference   5,000 \
 *For regular and non-regular members included into participation fee
 Friendship Reunion   Party  Time

 After the Conference, approximately 2 hours

 Place  Ishiwadai Hall №3, floor 3, conference room №305
 Participation fee   2,000 \ (approximately)
 Session program  Please see below.

Link: 下記参照  (Japanese version)

     The purpose of the Space Takumi Conference

At Space Takumi Conference we accept various presentation which involve such projects as:

  • 1) Project Plan
  • 2) Research and progress of development
  • 3) In ground experiment and in-orbit test results

Additionally, it is recommended that the presentations held during the conference to be rewritten into article. By doing so, there is a chance that the article will be published in UNISEC Space Takumi Journal.

During the Special Lecture, there will be planned session with leading Professors in space engineering for satellites, rockets and space utilization. Also, the exchange of opinions and discussion will be held within given time.

   Presentation overview:

  • 1) The format of presentation: Oral Presentation
  • 2) The language of the presentation: Japanese or English
  • 3) The length of presentation, including Q & A session : 30-90 min (however may be subject to change due to the number and content of presentations)
  • 4) Non-UNISEC members are also welcomed to make presentations

  Application for a Presentation

In order to apply for a presentation please send the abstract to the UNISEC Office. Please refer to the specified format (word).

  • 1) Title of the Presentation
  • 2) Author names & affiliation
  • 3) Abstract (Japanese 200-300 words, English 50-100 words)
  • 4) Representative name and contact information (email, mobile phone number)

   Presentation thesis

In case your presentation thesis have been approved, please fill it in specified format and send the digital version of presentation to the UNISEC Office.

There is no limit in number of pages, however the file should not be more than 10 Mb.

The collected thesis will be published and archived on the official web-site of the UNISEC.

Specified formats:

In Japanese:    ワードファイルワードファイル論文テンプレート

In English:    ワードファイルワードファイル論文テンプレート

                                   Schedule for application process

  Deadline for presentation application        (including abstract)    February 3rd (Monday), 2020
  Announcement of approved applications   February 10th (Monday), 2020
  Deadline for submission of presentation    thesis   March 10th (Tuesday), 2020
  Presentation day   March 17th (Tuesday), 2020


           Program for 10th Space Takumi Conference

Length of presentations:

  • 1) 30 min (20 min presentation, 10 min Q&A session)
  • 2) 60 min (40 min presentation, 20 min Q&A session)
  10:00-10:05   Greetings from Saburo Matsunaga (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Session 1. Yasuyuki Miyazaki (Japan University)

  10:05-10:35   UNISEC 2020-001
  10:35-11:35   Special lecture 1.

UNISEC 2020-002

  11:35-12:50   Lunch

Session 2. Harunori Nagata (Hokkaido University)

  12:50-13:20   UNISEC 2020-003
  13:20-13:50   UNISEC 2020-004
  13:50-14:20   UNISEC 2020-005
  14:20-14:50   UNISEC 2020-006
  14:50-15:05   Break

Session 3. Toshinori Kuwahara (Tohoku University)

  15:05-16:05   Special Lecture 2.

UNISEC 2020-007

  16:05-17:05   Special Lecture 3.

UNISEC 2020-008

  17:05-17:15   Break

Session 4. Saburo Matsunaga (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  17:15-18:15   Panel discussion and exchange of opinions

UNISEC 2020-009

  18:15-18:30   Break (cleaning the presentation place)
  18:30-20:00 (planned)   Friendship Reunion Party (light dinner).

Place:  Ishiwadai Hall №3, floor 3, conference room №305

Access map:

〒145-0061 東京都大田区石川町1丁目1−45 所在施設: 東京工業大学

Link:  大岡山キャンパス

Please send your applications to:


  • TEL: 03-5800-6645 FAX:03-6826-3988
  • E-mail:info@unisec.jp

*We accept participants on the day of the event, however we strongly recommend to contact us and send necessary information for participation in advance.

Contact information of lecturers:

Saburo Matsunaga (Tokyo Institute of Technology):Matunaga.Saburo@mes.titech.ac.jp
Harunori Nagata (Hokkaido University):nagata@eng.hokudai.ac.jp
Yasuyuki Miyazaki (Japan University):miyazaki@forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp


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