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What is HEPTA(Hands-on Education Program for Technical Advancemet)-Sat?

HETPA-sat is a training tool developed by Prof. Yamazaki from Nihon University in Japan for hands-on study of satellite-engineering.
By taking a course with this kit, students can learn the basic subsystems of satellite including structure, electrical power supply, command and data handling, communication, ground station, and sensors as well as learn how to integrate those subsystems to create a working satellite as a whole.

Introduction of HEPTA-Sat by Prof. Yamazaki

HEPTA-Sat Training Kit

HEPTA-Sat is composed of six different subsystems each performing a different function. The characteristics of this training kit are

  • Each components can easily be taken apart and reassembled, allowing users to practice integrating many times.
  • All the hardware and software are modularised into a reusable system so that users can focus on integration and make full use of a short lecture time.
  • System with high extendibility, allowing users to add on to the system to test their own mission that they design.
  • Includes a textbook that covers a wide range of knowledge necessary for satellite engineering.

HEPTA-Sat Hands-on Training

UNISEC offers an educational program using HEPTA-Sat as a training material.

HEPTA-Sat hands-on training course puts it focus on establishing the knowledge of system engineering by going through the whole process of system integration.
During this course, students will learn how a system is designed to satisfy a mission, how system’s function is broken down into different subsystems, how to integrate those different subsystems into a fully functioning system, and how to test/debug it once it has been integrated.

This course is for all people who are interested in space engineering from those want to practice their skill on electronics to those who want to deepen their knowledge of system engineering.

The length and content of the course can be adjusted by your needs.
Please feel free to contact UNISEC office if you are interested in the training course.

Brochure for HEPTA-Sat(PDF)
Nepal (Nov. 15-17, 2017, at Kathmandu University)

Bulgaria (Oct 24-28, 2017, at Sofia University)

South Africa (Dec 9-10, 2017, Stellenbosch University)

Publication and Lecture on HEPTA-Sat

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