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The 20th Anniversary event for UNISEC was finished.

The 20th Anniversary event for UNISEC was successfully concluded on Ju ...

Professor Shinichi Nakasuka (University of Tokyo) was awarded the FRANK J. MALINA ASTRONAUTICS MEDAL

Professor Shinichi Nakasuka (University of Tokyo), former President an ...

Introduction Video from “NAFT” (Nagoya University)

NAFT, hybrid rocket club of Nagoya University uploaded the introductio ...

Introduction Video from “SPARK” (Chiba Institute of Technology)

SPARK, hybrid rocket club of Chiba Institute of Technology, uploaded t ...

Supporting Activities by UNISEC

We support students at technical colleges and universities for their “hands-on” learning activities in the field of space engineering. Some examples are as follows:
Proposing R & D activities to space agencies and other entities who employ them.
Providing an opportunity to make them learn about activities of space-related companies.
Helping them obtain frequencies for satellites which they plan to launch and handling legal matters jointly with them.
Making joint endeavors with them for ensuring safety and reliability of satellite mission performance.
Studying and securing launch opportunities for them.
Facilitating technical exchange among member students, seeking an opportunity of cooperative development and encouraging joint purchase of goods for them.
Inviting them to symposiums, workshops, seminars, and academic meetings.
Involving them in the exchange programs with local communities and outreach activities, sending UNISEC lecturers to their places for teaching.

Capacity Building and Interface Services

UNISEC contributes both to the diffusion of necessary expertise for the space industry through hands-on learning and to the creation of employment opportunity in space business.

UNISEC Membership

UNISEC is looking for partners as UNISEC members to act together. Such partners may be corporations, individuals or students.


UNISEC used to be a domestic body which limited its activities within Japan. But nowadays, UNISEC has expanded its activities beyond Japan to international arenas, involving in various countries and regions around the world and resulting in the birth of UNISEC-Global. From now on, UNISEC-Global will continue its activities by promoting the practical education of space engineering world-widely.ロゴ.jpg