Announcement for “J-CUBE” program’s matchmaking system

Overview of “J-CUBE” program

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (“JAXA”) and the University Space Engineering Consortium (“UNISEC”) have announced CubeSat deployment opportunity from the International Space Station (ISS) Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo) (JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD)) for domestic universities/college called J-CUBE, based on the MOU about “Comprehensive collaboration agreement on CubeSat release from ISS-Kibo for academic research and capacity building” which UNISEC signed with JAXA on April 1, 2021.
This program aims to realize a sustainable and evolutional international collaborative structure, build capacity-building system that utilizes the technological capabilities of domestic universities, and keep high popularity and attractivity of Japanese universities as international collaborative partners by enhancement of their satellite development and operation technology. The program has two categories: one is construction of the international collaborative relationships, another is for domestic capacity building. Both categories are open only for UNISEC-Japan’s universities, institutes, and technical colleges. The winner can get a fee-based launch opportunity 12U/per year (or 6 satellites/per year) at maximum under this MOU. The satellite size is assumed to be 1~3U.

Open slots: 1~3U x 6 satellites (max. 12U)/ per year
Category 1: International collaboration proposal
Category 2: Innovative mission proposal(Category 2 is only for domestic collaboration, max. 2 satellites/per year : remained slots become category 1)
Both categories are open for UNISEC-Japan’s university, institutes, and technical colleges

International collaboration proposal must be satisfied the following constraints:

  1. Satellite design: JEM Payload Accommodation Handbook – Vol. 8 – Small Satellite Deployment Interface Control Document
  2. Schedule: Estimated satellite development period must be around three years
  3. Contract: J-CUBE applicant must make contract with JAXA by JAXA’s defined deadline
  4. Organization: collaboration team consisting of UNISEC-Japan’s organization and international partner
  5. Future plan: Specific and sustainable collaboration scheme between the J-CUBE applicant and international partner

Selection procedure:

  1. Application
    The team fills in the project proposal and submit the document to J-CUBE office
  2. Documentary examination
    J-CUBE program member reviews the documents
  3. Interview examination
    J-CUBE program member require the interview examination if needed
  4. Selection (FY2021 Winners) (FY2022 Winners)

Matchmaking system for potential international partners

Category 1 needs international partner and J-CUBE office will run matchmaking system for potential international partners who are interested in becoming the collaboration partners of UNISEC-Japan’s organization.
Application details for becoming international partner will be available soon, check our updates !

Matchmaking System Announcement of Registration

International organizations need to submit a matchmaking system registration form to the J-CUBE secretariat.

Please send registration form to J-CUBE office :


Applicants must meet all the following requirements:

  • Understanding the purpose of this program and having the will to contribute to the activities
  • Following the instruction by J-CUBE office and the future collaborators
  • Submitting the application form

Further requirements are shown in “Announcement of Registration”, please check the details.

Matchmaking Procedure

Applications will be accepted online through the J-CUBE office website. J-CUBE office will conduct a document screening of the applications and perform the following collaboration matchmaking procedure for the valid application.

Registrants fill in the registration form and submit it to J-CUBE office
B)Document screening
J-CUBE office checks the document
C)Pick up the potential partners
J-CUBE office selects potential Japanese partner
D)Confirm availability of the Japanese partner
J-CUBE office send the details of the international partner to Japanese organization
Japanese organization performs initial checks the terms and condition of the international partners
E)Start detailed terms and conditions adjustment for making contracts

Technical Consultation

J-CUBE office has the technical team to support teams who are interested in applying to the J-CUBE program.
We’ll accept the technical questions, and provide the consultations to build a better mission and application form.
If you have any specific technical questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at J-CUBE Office!!

J-CUBE office : info-jcube(at)

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) from the link below.

J-CUBE Webinar

  • J-CUBE Webinar#1: 21 April 2022, 7:00 PM, JST (video)
  • J-CUBE Webinar#2: 22 June 2022, 9:00 AM, JST (video)

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J-CUBE office : info-jcube(at)