UNSEC Space Takumi journal

What is Space Takumi Journal?

Purpose of the UNISEC Space Takumi Journal

The purpose of this Journal is to recognize the knowledge and experience, which are acquired through practical engineering projects for research, development, and the application of space systems and components, as general and universal academic accomplishments. This recognition is made by evaluating ideas with “academic” value and by developing new systems engineering, design theories, methodologies, reliability engineering, and educational methods. This journal deals with various problems such as the following: “What is the essence of a space system?” “What kinds of rapid and effective development processes exist that utilize integration technology? How could such a process be implemented in practice?” “How is such a system tested?” “How are human resources cultivated?”

In short, this journal provides a stage upon which practical space activities can be presented in an academic realm. Those who do research and publish journal papers create universal value which contributes to the development of space engineering from individual space engineering-related projects. Those who referee them consider and decide what the universal value of the newly constructed academic area is without being strained by convention. Subsequently, new academic fields will be created and these will become the property of all players in space engineering and science.

Eventually, “Space Takumi”, masters of space engineering and science, will be trained and the comprehensive knowledge will be efficiently accumulated by encouraging discovery of and new solutions to problems in the field of space.

What is Space Takumi?

Engineering technology has long been familiar to the people of Japan and has been widely respected since ancient times. Technical experts such as carpenters and craftsmen have been called “Takumi” with esteem. The term Takumi now contains the meaning of “maestro” which goes beyond the words “Toryo” or “Meijin”, which also express similar meanings, and is now used as an adjective to express intelligence and skill.

In the present day and age, “Space Takumi” is being defined to identify people who have acquired great knowledge and skill in integrated space system technology. They are maestros of the space systems field.

Toryo: master craftsman
Meijin: master-hand

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