NEWS“UNISEC Guiding Principles Japan Dialects Project”. Recruiting translators!


We are looking for translators for the “UNISEC Guiding Principles Japan dialects project” who can help us translate it into local dialects in Japan!

UNISEC published Guiding Principles (in English) in 2018.

Thanks to the kindness and passion of volunteers, UNISEC Guiding Principles have been translated into several Japanese dialects. Please check the translations below by link:
・Guiding Principles (Awaben version PDF)
・Guiding Principles (Osaka dialect version PDF)
・Guiding Principles (Hiroshima dialect version PDF)


At the same time, UNISEC Global is also conducting a project of translating “UNISEC Global Guiding Principles” into different world languages. Please check the “Guiding Principles” translated into global languages by following link: “Guiding Principles” translated into different languages

Even in Japan, we would like to translate “Guiding Principles” into the local dialects, so that more people across Japan can understand UNISEC values and aspirations.

If you would like to cooperate, please read the following application details and contact us.

==Application details==

Translate “UNISEC Guiding Principles” into Japanese dialect based on the “UNISEC Guiding Principles”.
The translation should be made in informal/spoken format rather than writing format (this is made to make translation more authentic)
It doesn’t matter if you are currently not living in the area, but to be more accurate, we recommend that you get a “native check” from someone who has lived in the area for a long time.
If there is an application from the same area, we will adjust the process to see if it is completed and have two translations or one translation.
We also welcome translations by forming a team in advance!
We would like to thank everyone who cooperated with us and who will cooperate with us in future.
We will publish completed translation on UNISEC Guiding Principles Japan Dialects Project.

For your consideration: there is no reward for translation. We hope for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact the UNISEC Secretariat (info[at]
(Please convert [at] to @ and send it)

Also, if you know someone who can help with the translation, we would deeply appreciate if you introduce this project to interested people!
(Those who are not UNISEC members are also welcome)

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

UNISEC Secretariat: Nakamura, Tokiwa