UNISEC supported the Japanese labs and organizations for their participation in the ARLISS competition 2009, held on Sep 14-19, in Nevada, USA.
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Comeback Competition Results

1:The Unicersity of Electro-Communications 810m
2:Kyushu University 844m
3:Seoul National University 1470m


Result of all participating parties
No. Name Weight Mission Results Total Score Recital
1st flight 2nd flight 1st flight 2nd flight
1 Takeo high school 480g Video recording Success Success Nonparticipation of each competition
(2041m:Failure) (369m:Failure)
2 The University of Electro-Communications 1050g Comeback 1300m(Failure) 810m(Success) 3.5 31.6
0 17.8
2-stage parachute Minimum Advanced
3.5 13.8
Autonomous control considering furrow
0 0
3 Tokyo Institute of Technology Matsunaga Lab 1020g Directional video recording Minimum 0 4.3
0 4.3
Panoramic radiography
0 0
4 Kagawa University 320g Comeback 2283m(Success) 1572m(Failure) 5.9 0
4.1 0
Detecting release Minimum
1.8 0
5 Kyushu Institute of Technology Kings-P 930g Comeback 1720m(Failure) 1340m(Failure) 0 0
0 0
6 Kyushu University 780g Comeback 502m(Failure) 844m(Success) 3.1 33
0 17.2
Introduction of rover with kyte Middle
0 8.9
Video recording Minimum Middle
3.1 6.9
7 Tokyo Institute of Technology B 1010g Falling velocity control by changing the hole size of parachute Full 0 15.6
0 15.6
Altitude measurement using various sensors
0 0
8 Tohoku University 1050g Comeback 1910m(Success) 15.6 3.7
5.9 0
Expansion wheel Full Minimum
9.7 3.7
Sample return
0 0
9 Nihon University 1040g Downlink of movie
Video recording of parachute extraction
10 Akita University 340g,
Analyzing cansat motion Advanced Full 14.1 11.3
14.1 11.3
11 Soka University 620g Comeback 1600m(Failure) 0 0
0 0
Communication with correction code
0 0
12 Tokyo University of Science 1020g Real-time graphics transmission Success Success Nonparticipation of each competition
13 Keio University 610g Comeback 4187m(Success) 301m(Failure) 0.7 9.6
0.7 0
Camera Middle
0 9.6
Soft landing
0 0
14 Kyushu Institute of Technology Kings-F 540g Comeback 2560m(Failure) 0
15 Tokyo Institute of Technology SDDL 960g Cansat development mission Success Success Nonparticipation of each competition
Management mission
16 Seoul National University 1020g Comeback 1470m(Success) 3800m(Failure) Comeback only
17 Georgia Institute of Technology Comeback 1139m(Failure) 2215m(Failure) Comeback only
18 The University of Hawaii community college Comeback 984m(Failure) 3200m(Failure) Comeback only
19 Stanford University Nonparticipation of each competition
20 New Hampshire high school Nonparticipation of each competition


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