NEWSUNISEC T-Shirts 2020 photo session


UNISEC office organized photo session for the new

UNISEC T-Shirts 2020 at Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Through this photo session UNISEC would like to show and share with you the new design of this year‘s UNISEC T-Shirts. By purchasing the product, you are supporting the activities of UNISEC. We are kindly looking forward to your contribution.

If you want to buy new UNISEC T-Shirt please see this link: How to buy UNISEC T-Shirts 2020


UNISEC wishes you to wear new UNISEC T-Shirts 2020 with joy. Post and share your UNISEC T-Shirt photo on SNS with the hashtag #unisectshirt2020. Let‘s share with others our new T-Shirt excitement!