NEWS2nd Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting to be held on July 11, 2020


UNISEC-Global organizes 2nd Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting on the 11th July, 2020 at 16.00 PM İstanbul Time (GMT+03:00), 10:00 PM JST.

This time Professor Yuichi Tsuda, who is alumni of the first generation CanSat of 1999 and CubeSat which was launched in 2003 will exclusively talk to the participants of the meeting. CLTP alumni, UNISEC members and anyone who is interested in the agenda of the meeting is welcomed to participate.

Professor Tsuda will share his CanSat and CubeSat experiences while he was a student. Later Professor will talk in detail about how these experiences eventually led him to the Deep Space Exploration Mission.

This meeting is an unique and exceptional opportunity for participants to learn directly from the professional in deep space exploration. This meeting will not be broadcasted or reposted later, that is why it is only one time chance to listen to the Professor Tsuda’s personal experiences and views.

At the moment, Professor Yuichi Tsuda is a Project Manager for Hayabusa 2 of ISAS/JAXA. Professor Tsuda has more than 20 years of space experience which started from CanSat program.

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The schedule of the 2nd Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting

Time (Japan) Agenda Notes
22:00-22:05 Opening and Welcome
(Mansur Celebi  CLTP1) 
Moderator: Abhas Maskey (CLTP7) 
22:05-23:00 Deep space explorer’s 20-year journey
from ARLISS (CanSat) in 1999 to Hayabusa2 in 2020 
(Prof.  Yuichi Tsuda, Project Manager for Hayabusa2 of ISAS/JAXA)
Includes Q&A session
(Please ask questions using “chat” during the presentation. Moderator will read the questions. )
23:00-23:20 Application of International Law
for Small Satellite Activities
(Atty. Nazli Can)
Includes Q&A session
23:20-23:40 Regional Report-Malaysia

(Norilmi Amilia Ismail, CLTP8, UNISEC-Malaysia)
Includes Q&A session
23:40-23:50 Announcements and News 
23:50-24:00 Closing remarks, scheduling
(Rei Kawashima)