Special offer for UNISEC Alumni ! Discount for Individual Membership


  Dear UNISON alumni,

  We want to offer our graduates a special offer. If you apply for an “Individual Membership” by the end of June, you will be exempted from the payment of 10,000¥ entrance fee. (According to the rules, new members when entering UNISEC need to pay entrance fee (10,000¥) + annual membership fee).

  Merit of joining the UNISEC: Graduates will be able to join the global network of UNISEC. As a result, alumni of UNISEC in future will have one of the most valuable assets of working member of a society which is network. UNISEC was acknowledged by United Nations (UN) and continues to evolve as a global non-profit organization. “UNISEC” provides its members with unique status and trusted network of professionals, prospective students related to the space industry. UNISEC sends monthly news-letter to its members about future activities and possible discounts for the participation in the UNISEC events.

  UNISEC welcomes you to become a new member of UNISEC community!


For more information about UNISON (UNISEC Student Organization) please follow the link:  UNISON