NEWSInternational Space University (ISU) Briefing session held (Report)


  UNISEC signed an agreement with International Space University (ISU) located in Strasbourg. For more information about ISU please follow the link: International Space University

As a result of the new partnership with ISU, UNISEC will be promoting the participation of Japanese students in ISU. At the ISU students will learn a wide range of subjects (9-10) and will have an opportunity to talk with the experts in related fields. Additionally, since ISU accepts international students from 30 to 40 countries, students will be able to build unique network and acquire latest information in the space field. This is a unique opportunity for students (of course, humanitarian sciences students are welcome too) who study the universe. At the moment, several courses are offered with the length from 5 to 10 weeks. The ISU briefing session was held on February 18 at Tokyo X-Nihonbashi. You can watch the video of the event by clicking the link: International Space University (ISU) Briefing Session Video

  上森規光, Director of the ISU, gave an opening session, introduced each courses to the Japanese students, lecturers, TAs and held the exchange of experiences and opinions with the participants. After that, the exchange meeting was held. Everyone enjoyed the meaningful and important opportunities.

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