NEWSUNISEC Workshop in December


The annual UNISEC Workshop was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology (Arakawa Campus) on December 9-10, 2017.  There were many participants of students and teaching staff. The first meeting of teachers’ research and development group was also held. Thank you for your participation.


The number of participants:

general  members: 19,  invited: 2,  total: 21

students members: 162,   Non members: 1,  total: 163

total: 184

The materials of special lecture are below. (in Japanese only)

“About the international frequency adjustment of the small satellite” Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications base station signal Policy Division International Frequency Policy Office

About the outline etc. of technical standards based on “Law concerning launch of artificial satellite etc. and management of artificial satellite” etc. Cabinet Office Space Development Strategy Promotion Office

The voting results of the exhibited posters by students are as follows:

–         1st prize: Tokyo Denki University (Takadama Lab.)

–         2nd prize: The University of Tokyo (Nakasuka/Funase Lab.)

–         3rd prize: Osaka Institute of Technology (Tahara Lab.)

A space quiz was offered for the first time by Prof. Ishikawa of the Tokyo Metropolitan College.