WorkshopUNISEC Workshop 2015


On December 5 – 6, 2015, UNISEC Workshop was held in Tokyo Metropolitan University

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Table of Contents

  1. Outline
  2. 1st Day:December 5th
    1. Opening Ceremony / UNISON General Meeting
    2. Activity Report from each WG
    3. Networking Event[Mission Idea Contest in UNISON]
    4. Social Gathering
  3. 2nd Day:December 6th
    1. Poster Session
    2. Activity Report from each WG
    3. Activity Report
    4. UNISON / UNISAS Joint Event
    5. Ending Ceremony

1. Outline

Outline info

Date December 5 – 6, 2015
Place Tokyo Metropolitan University Hino Campus
Organiser UNISEC
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Sponsor The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JSME Space Engineering Divison
Travel support funded by Dentsu Scholarship Foundation


Students 186
Others 42
Total 228


2. 1st Day:December 5th

2.1. Opening Ceremony / UNISON General Meeting

In the beggining of the event, all members of UNISON gathered at UNISON General Meeting. The new UNISON representative introduced themselves and gave speech about UNISON’s activity concept / future slogan. The new slogan for UNISON is “Expanding from educational organisation to socially contributing organisation.” UNISON will extend their activity towards social contribution.
Also, they were emphasised to have active discussion among UNISON students during the workshop.

2.2. Activity Report from each WG

2.2.1. Satellite WG

Satellite WG holds periodical meeting in March, July, and December for discussion and presentation among UNISON members. These events aims to stimulate communication among members and increase their motivation and skill.
This time, they held an “information exchanging presentation.”
They will upload discussion materials and minutes of discussion on their own database (Wiki). Information Exchanging Presentation

In the information exchanging presentation, three groups presented on the theme of command and data handling (C&DH)

  1. Osaka Prefecture University  :「Software design of OPUSAT-KIT」
  2. Kyushu Institute of Technology :「Report on development of C&DH of Horyu-2 and operation」
  3. Tokyo Institute of Technology :「Result of C&DH operation in orbit and technological difficulty of TSUBAME」
衛星WG 衛星WG
衛星WG 衛星WG

2.2.2. Rocket WG

Rocket WG had their meeting in the following manner.

  1. Self-introduction
    Each member introduced themselves in 20 seconds.
  2. Report on Noshiro Space Event
    Noshiro Space Event is having more rockets participating every year. They had a presentation and reflection on how they can run the event smoothly.
  3. Discussion on Launch Site Management
    Reviewed and confirmed on the situation and the launch schedule of three launch site (Noshiro, Izu-island, Kata). They also discussed on the standardisation of application for Izu-island and Kata launch site.
  4. Report on Meeting with Italian Students
    Two representative from rocket WG participated in EASM held in Milan, Italia. They reported on the situation of space development by student organisation in Europe.
  5. Discussion on Long-term Vision
    Discussed about social contribution activity they decided to do on their last UNISEC Conference.
  1. Guideline
    Had a report on rocket guideline they are preparing. They also discussed about future plan.
  2. Launcher Sharing Project
    Had a report on launcher lecture they have had. Also, they discussed about configuration of the shared launcher and futre developing plan. They also confirmed on their motto; “Every group can freely launch their rocket and experiment regardless of possessing a launcher or not”

2.2.3. CanSatWG

CanSatWG worked on two
In the first part of the session, board member of the working group gave report on Noshiro Space Event and Arliss, announcement on International CanSat project, and informed about board member organisation for the next year.  The number of group participating in CanSat competition is increasing, so they may have to recruit more board members. They also discussed on importance of collaboration like having at leaset one person from each group participating in the meeting.
In the second part of the session, board member and other members ineractively discussed about possibility for establishing new competiton using CanSat. Comeback competition has been competed for over ten years, and it seems that everyone is getting experienced and they are almost reaching the optimal solution for the mission. Therefore, they want to find a new competition which is more challenging.
They brainstormed and came up with many ideas like “soft landing an egg without using parachute” or “comeback competition without using GPS” or “competition on how deep they can dig underground”
They plan to keep on discussing and introduce one of the competition at Noshiro Space Event.

CanSatWG CanSatWG

2.2.4. Ground Station WG

In ground station WG they had a studying session as a part of outreach activity regarding application for radio frequency. This time, they recieved feedback from participants of last studying session regarding creating manual. Also, they practiced creating API and counter graph using pc. They will share what they learned to UNISEC by creating a web page for it.


2.3. Social Gathering [Mission Idea Contest in UNISON]

In social gathering, they have been holding a system engineering lecture.  This time, they did a quick mission idea contest in a group work. Organisor prepared a assignment, and participants were asked to brainstorm for the answer. Then, they had to design an actual object that could perform that solution. They will use the answer each group came up with in their future UNISON project.

2.4. Social Gathering Event

Social gathering was held in the cafeteria of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. They did a self-introduction relay and recreation to make friends with each other.

3. 2nd Day:December 6th

3.1. Poster Session

The 2nd day began with a poster session. They had an active discussion on a space related topic.
They also did a voting for UNISON Poster award which is given to a poster that is most proficient.

ポスターセッション ポスターセッション
ポスターセッション ポスターセッション
UNISON Poster Award
1st place University of Electro-communications, Takatama Lab
2nd place Osaka Prefecture University, Satellite Project
2nd place Tokai University, Student Rocket Project


ポスターセッション表彰 ポスターセッション表彰

3.2. ActivityReport from each WG

2.2.1. Promotion WG

They had a discussion to decide a “yuru-chara” for UNISON. UNISON “yuru-chara” event began started during discussion on how to do outreach of UNISON in UNISON / UNISAS joint event on June 2015. They decided the best yuru-chara out of the ideas submitted to the committee.

[UNISON yuru-chara]
広報WG 広報WG
[Other ideas]

3.2.2. Networking event WG

They discussed on the ideas that came out for system engineering lecutre form previous day. They discussed in group which idea would be suitable for the UNISON project. They presented their choice in group. They will discuss further on the idea and choose which one will be used for the UNISON project

3.3. Activity Report

3.3.1. Student Presentation

In student presentation, each group uploaded their abstract beforehand and had it voted. Eight groups with the most vote presented in the workshop.

No. Name Presentation slide
1 Osaka Prefecture University, Satellite Project
2 Kyushu University, Space Systems Dynamic Lab
3 Keio University, Team Wolve’Z
4 Tsukuba University, Yui Project
5 University of Electro-communications, Takatama Lab
6 Tokai University, Student Rocket Project
7 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Matsunaga Lab
8 Nikon University, Miyazaki / Yamazaki Lab
活動報告会 活動報告会
活動報告会 活動報告会

Groups presented their group’s current activity and future plan on satellite, CanSat, and rocket. They had another vote after that and chose the three best presentation.

UNISON student presentation award
1st prize University of Electro-communications, Takatama Lab
2nd prize Tokyo Institute of Technology, Matsunaga Lab
3rd prize Osaka Prefecture University, Satellite Project



3.3.2. CLTP6 Report

Mr. Suda from Hokkaido University presented on the CLTP6 that took place in 2015.

3.3.3. Special lecture

In this workshop, Ms. Takeshita from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Prof. Shimada from JAXA gave a lecture.

[Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ms.  Takeshita]
Ms. Takeshita gave us an lecutre on the importance of radio frequency allocation on small satellites and how they are done in practice.

[JAXA Professor Shimada]
Prof. Shimada gave a lecture on futre increase in space transportation and future technological advancement of hybrid rocket. The lecture was easy to understand for those who is unfamiliar with rocket and everyone learned a lot from it.

3.3.4. Stratosphere Balloon Experiment

Prof. Akiyama from Wakayama University gave a lecture on the balloon experiment in stratosphere. He told about what to be careful of when creating a balloon that does experiment up in the stratosphere.

3.3.5. Activity Report from each WG

Representative of each WG gave report on their activity and what they did in the first day of the workshop.

各WG活動報告 各WG活動報告
Presentation slides
[Satellite WG / Rocket WG / CanSat WG / GSN WG / Promotion WG / Networking WG]

3.4. UNISON/UNISAS Joint Event

The final event of the workshop was the UNISON / UNSAS joint event. They formed a group and debated on the topic “has UNISON become more dynamic this year?” Each group had a UNISAS mentor and they gave advice on how to do a debate.

This event surely became a great opportunity for UNISON students to think about how they can make UNISON more active. Many thanks to UNISAS for organising this event.

3.5. Ending Ceremony

For the final event of the workshop, UNISAS gave their activity report and they announced the UNISAS award which is given to organisation who worked hard.

1st prize Tokyo Institute of Technology, Matsunaga Lab
2nd prize Osaka Prefecture University, Satellite Project
3rd prize Tokyo University, Nakasuka / Funase Lab
4th prize Nikon University, Miyazaki / Yamazaki Lab

Candidate for UNISON representative introduced themselves and gave a speech. The candidate for the next UNISON representative are

  • Tokyo Metropolitan University, Senior, Masahiro KAKU
  • Tokyo Science University, Master degree, Masahiro NAKAMURA
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Senior, Kyohei YASHIMA

Workshop ended with a final remark by Mr. Wantanabe from Tokyo Metropolitan University. Thank you very much to all that attended.