General Meeting & Activity ReportsGeneral Meeting & Activity Reports 2016


2016 General Meeting & Activity Reports were held on July 31, 2016.

Table of Contents

  1. Outline
  2. UNISEC Conference
  3. Activity Report
    1. Activity Report by UNISON
    2. Activity Report by UNISAS
    3. Activity Report by Organisations 1
    4. UNISON Project
    5. Activity Report by Organisations 2
    6. Special Lecture
    7. Announcement on UNISEC Global
    8. Annoncent ont UNISEC Workshop
  4. Social Gathering

1. Outline

Date: July 31, 2016 (Sunday)
Place: The University of Tokyo
Students: 125
Other Members: 52

2. UNISEC Conference

The forteenth UNISEC annual conference was held in the fifth floor of the Takeda Building in the University of Tokyo. The conference was held smoothly according to the schedule.


3. Activity Report

3.1. Activity Report by UNISON

After a speech by UNISON representative, representative of each Working Group (WG) presented their teams report.

Rocket WG UNISON representative Yashima
CanSat WG UNISON representative Nakamura
Satellite WG UNISON representative Gaku
Ground Station WG WG representative Takizawa
Balloon WG WG representative Shimano (Absent, Yashima presented on behalf of him)
Networking WG WG representative Arai
UNISON代表挨拶 各WG発表

3.2. Activity report by UNISAS

Ms. Haruki from UNISAS reported on their activity.


3.3. Activity Report by Organisations 1

Each organisation had one minute to present their annual activity. In the first half, groups from non-Tokyo area presented.

  • Archie Institute of Technology, STELA
  • Akita University, Student Space Project
  • Osaka Institute of Technology, Space Propulsion Engineering Lab
  • Osaka Prefecture University, Small Spacecraft System Research Centre Satellite Project
  • Osaka Prefecture University, Small Spacecraft System Research Centre Rocket Project
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology, Space club
  • Kyushu University PLANET-Q
  • Kyushu University, Space Systems Dynamic Lab
  • Kyoto University, Space Engineering Club
  • Kochi Institute of Technology, KUT-Rocket-Project
  • K0be University, Space Engineering Club Akatsuki
  • Tohoku University, FROM THE EARTH
  • Tohoku University, Yoshida Lab
  • Tokushima University, Rocket Project
  • Hokkaido University of Science, Mihashi Lab
  • Hokkaido University, Laboratory of Space Systems
  • Murrain Institute of Technology, Students Aerospace Research and Development Project (SARD)
  • Ritsumeikan University, RiSA
  • Fukuyama University, Futaiten Project
  • Wakayama University,  Space Project WSP

3.4. UNISON Project

Four UNISON Projects reported on their activity. We also had a presentation of 1 million yen project which started this year. The overview of the project was announced, and detail about the selected Standard Engine Development Project was  presented.

【Report】Development of system for training of satellite operation using high altitude environment of Mt. Fuji’s summit.(Naoki Kawamoto / Soka University)
Project aims to train satellite operation by using environment of Mt. Fuji.
【Report】Balloon-Sat Project(Kota Kudo / Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Project aims to create a standerized manual for training of satellite development, experimenting, etc. It will also create operation manual for Balloon-Sat.
【Report】International CanSat Project(Ryo Hirasawa / Keio University)
Project aims to create an internatinal CanSat developed by students from many countries. Plans to participate in comeback mission at ARLISS 2016.
【Report / Application】Launcher Sharing!! Project(Chiharu Uematsity / Tokai University・Yasuko Nakamura / Akita University)
Project aims to share launcher of a rocket so that UNISEC member that does not own a launcher can perform rocket launch experiment.
【1 million yen project】Series of UNISON Basic Rocket Engine Unit – SUBARU
Project aims to develop a standard rocket engine to promote development of original rocket engine by UNISEC members.
UNISONプロジェクト発表の様子 UNISONプロジェクト発表の様子

3.5. Activity Report by Organisations 2

After the break, organisations from Tokyo area presented.

  • Tokyo University, Nakasuka/Funase Lab
  • CORE
  • Space Development Forum(SDF)
  • Kanazawa University, Takano Lab
  • Keio University, Team-Wolve’z
  • Shibaura Institute of Technology, Satellite Team
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University, Space Systems Lab
  • Sosa University, Satellite Development Group
  • Tsukuba University, Space Technology Project STEP
  • Tsukuba University, Yui Project
  • University of Electro-communications, Takatama Lab
  • Tokai University, Student Rocket Project
  • Tokay University, Satellite Project
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, CREATE
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Oda/Noda Lab
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Matsunaga Lab
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Space Exploration Organisation
  • Tokyo University of Science, Kimora Lab
  • Nikon University, Miyazaki/Yamazaki Lab
  • Keio University LYNCS
  • Waseda University Aeronautics and Space Association

3.6. Special Lecture

We had a special lecture by Mr. Inagawa from Interstellar Technologies Inc.

特別講演 インターステラテクノロジズ社 稲川様 特別講演の様子

3.7. Announcement on UNISEC-Global

UNISON representative gave an announcement regarding UNISEC Global Meeting in October. This year’s meeting will be held in Varna, Bulgaria.


3.7. Announcement on UNISEC Workshop

UNISON representative gave an announcement on the next UNISEC Workshop. This year, the workshop will be held in December 10th and 11th.

4. Social Gathering

After the conference, participants gathered in the second food court of the University of Tokyo. Students, alumni, and teachers, and staffs participated and enjoyed dinner together.

懇親会 記念撮影