Professor of the University of Tokyo.
Leader of the Hodoyoshi Project.
Chairperson of the 5th Nano-Satellite Symposium.

Micro/nano/pico-satellites, less than approximately 50kg satellites, have become important tools for space development and utilization with their strong merits of low-cost and quick development, which may lead to new ways of space utilization by new, especially non-governmental, users. These features also make these satellites very attractive and cost-effective materials for space education, especially for countries which have just started space development programs.

Based on the experiences of the development and launch of 20 university satellites since 2003, the “Hodoyoshi Program,” which aims at the practical application of micro-satellites, started in Japan in 2010, in which many universities and small industries are collaboratively focusing on the establishment of secure bases of technologies, infrastructure, industrialization and human resource training for micro-satellites. The “Hodoyoshi Program” has already hosted four Nano-satellite symposiums since 2010 to exchange information and experiences among researchers and engineers, as well as to strengthen the community of micro/nano/pico-satellites, including the 4th symposium which was co-hosted with the United Nations. This symposium to be held in 2013 is the 5th one.

The symposium will cover all the aspects of micro/nano/pico-satellites including architecture, component technologies, guidance/navigation/control, infrastructure, such as ground station systems and launch opportunity, applications and missions, regulatory issues and education. As 2013 will be the last fiscal year of the “Hodoyoshi Program,” the symposium will focus especially on applications and missions for micro/nano/pico-satellites. New mission proposals, including Earth observation, disaster monitoring, space sciences and exploration, or even more personal type missions, which deeply consider the merits and demerits of micro/nano/pico-satellites would be welcome. If you have a novel idea for a satellite mission but you don't know whether your mission is feasible or not, please don't hesitate to submit your idea. We would be pleased if this symposium could contribute to the "match-making" between the technologies and the applications.

Papers describing lessons learned as to space utilizations would also be welcome. If you were involved in real satellite servicing projects, including mid or large satellite projects, information as to how you conceptualized the service concept, how you promoted it and what the results were would be very valuable to the audience. In such cases, please add your thoughts on how you can do the same or similar services in the framework of micro/ nano/pico-satellites.

Of course, technologies and infrastructure for micro/nano/ pico-satellites are another important topic. Technologies and infrastructure that could further enhance the strong features of micro/nano/pico-satellites, such as low-cost and quick development, will be particularly focused on at this symposium. Special technologies required for new types of missions would also be welcome.

Important Dates

・ Submission of abstract: June 28, 2013
・ Notification of acceptance: July 31, 2013
・ Submission of full paper: September 20, 2013
・ Symposium: November 20-22, 2013

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