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Mission Idea Contest

■Technical Programme Sessions

Session1: Satellite Architecture and Technologies
・Software architecture (framework, software reuse, HILS, etc.)
・Advanced mission system technologies, including miniaturized optical systems
・Microwave observation sensors, infra-red sensors, etc.
・Optical or other high speed communication systems
・Technologies for space debris mitigation
Session 2: Innovation in Satellite Development Process
・Development processes to reduce human workload
・Assuring reliability with modest cost and workload
・Programme level strategies to ensure reliability
・Transferring lessons learned between projects
Session 3: Utilization/Applications of Micro- and Nano-Satellites
・Novel mission ideas, in-orbit results, and/or lessons learned
・Satellite constellation missions with high time resolution
・Missions suitable for international collaboration, for example for Earth-quake prediction, environmental monitoring, etc.
Session 4: Standardization and Regulatory Issues
・Standardizing micro-/nano-satellite-related technologies to improve their reliability
・Simplifying interfaces
・Promoting worldwide cooperation and space business
・Encouraging data and communication standards
・Regulatory issues, including frequency coordination
Session 5: Strategies for Capacity Building
・Implementation of sustainable education strategies
・Teaching tools and resources for space technology development education
・Education Curriculums
UN Space Education Curriculum Session
■The Posters will be displayed in the exhibition hall for viewing from the afternoon of October 10 to 11 in Winc Aichi.

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