Background – Nano-Satellite Symposium

The Nano-Satellite Symposium is an academic meeting promoting technological development of nano-satellites and their application, as well as enhancing awareness about their benefits. The Symposium has been held three times with international participation from researchers, engineers, academicians, business people and governmental representatives. The 1st Symposium was held at the University of Tokyo in June 2010 with 300 participants from 13 countries. The 2nd Symposium was held at the same location in March 2012. Unfortunately, due to the Great East Japan Earthquake that just happened three days before the opening of the Symposium, its schedule was cut short and it had only 85 participants from 21 countries. The 3rd Symposium was held in Kitakyushu in December 2011, with 220 participants from 31 countries and 3 international organizations. The 4th Symposium will be held in Nagoya in October 2012 as part of the United Nations / Japan Workshop on Capacity Building in Space Technology Development, co-organized by the Office for Outer Space Affairs under the Basic Space Technology Initiative (BSTI) of the United Nations Programme and Space Applications, and by the University of Tokyo. Participants in the Workshop will also have the opportunity to participate in the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012 (JA2012) which will be held at the same venue.


Recent advances in micro/ and nano-satellites’ technologies and in their development processes have made these tiny satellites more and more important and indispensable tools for space development and utilizations. Their characteristics of enabling low cost and quick development is expected to help realize innovative and challenging missions including in the fields of Earth monitoring, information gathering, education as well as in other applications with the prospect to involve a wider array of diverse players in satellite projects and application.

Supporting Committees

The Honorary Committee, Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee have been set up to support the Symposium and each Commiittee has various members around the world. Click here.

the UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium
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The 3rd Nano-Satellite Symposium
The 2nd Nano-Satellite Symposium
The 1st Nano-Satellite Symposium
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The CanSat Leader Training Program (CLTP)
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