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We held the "1st Nano-Satellite Symposium" on June 10-11 at the Takeda Frontier Science Hall in the University of Tokyo, Japan.

The symposium announced the start of the Japanese government funded project "New Paradigm of Space Development and Utilization by Nano-satellite", focusing on the innovations of technologies, strategy and utilization of Nano-satellites.

300 people attended to the symposium on each day. We had active discussion between the project members and guests.



[1st Day]

Session 1 Nano-satellite center Kick-off

The goal and concept of this Nano-Satellite Frontier Project were introduced by Prof. Nakasuka and Mr. Yamaguchi.

Shinichi Nakasuka, University of Tokyo
"New paradigm of Space Development and Utilization Opened by Nano-satellites" Presentation


Koji Yamaguchi, NESTRA
"Vision of Next-generation Space Systems Technology Research Association (NESTRA)" Presentation



Session 2 Regional situation and expectation for nano-satellites

Reports from various countries, - Egypt, Kenya, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Spain -, were introduced.


Amal Zaki, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Abstract Presentation

Mohammed Khali Ibrahim, Cairo University
アブストラクト 発表資料


John Mugew, Afrosoft
Abstract Presentation


Low Kay Soon, Nanyang Technological University
Abstract Presentation


Marco Schimidt, Wurzburg University
Abstract Presentation


Hyochoong Bang, KAIST
Abstract Presentation


Esau Vicente Vivas, Instituto de Ingenieria
Abstract Presentation


Fernando Stancato, University of Sao Paulo
Abstract Presentation


Fernando Agelet, University of Vigo
Abstract Presentation



Session 3 Application

Expectations about Nano-Satellite from the point of view of Application were introduced.

Shuichi Kaneko, Director, Space Industry Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
"Expectation to nano-satellite as a necessary part of industrial space systems" Abstract Presentation

Masaya Yamamoto, Weathernews Inc.
"Weathernews Challenge –what we want to realize with nano-satellite"Abstract Presentation

Akira Iwasaki, University of Tokyo
"Challenge of Nano Satellite for Remote Sensing Application" Abstract Presentation

Ryosuke Shibazaki, University of Tokyo
"Agricultural monitoring from Space and its application to model-based analysis on future supply and demand of food" Presentation



Session 4 Education

Importance of Nano-Satellite for Education was introduced.

Shigekazu Matsuura, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
"Expectation to nano-satellite from MEXT viewpoints"Abstract Presentation

Hiroaki Akiyama, Wakayama University
"Educational program with Nano-satellite"Presentation

Werner Balogh, Office for Outer Space Affairs, Unitated Nations Office
"United Nations Basif Space Technology Initiative (UNBSTI)" Abstract Presentation

Jerry Sellers, Teaching Science & Technology Inc.
"Eyassat: a classroom nanosatellite for teaching space systems engineering" Abstract Presentation



Discussion with Audience

The themes of the Discussion with Audience were “How can we save the time & cost for satellite development” & “How can we create new players & utilization of satellite?”.

About the former theme, Prof. Kimura introduced his opinion about the "Standardize Software Development Platform and Utilization of Rersources" and Prof. Shirasaka introduced his research about the " Reasonably Reliable Systems Engineering", the main research of this Nano-Satellite Frontier Project.

With these two presentation, we had active discussion between project members and guests.

Shinichi Nakasuka, University of Tokyo
"Discussion items" Presentation

Shinichi Kimura, Tokyo University of Science
"Standardize Software Development Platform and Utilization of Rersources" Presentation

Seikou Shirasaka, Keio University
" Reasonably Reliable Systems Engineering" Presentation


We held Reception in conjunction with Nano-Satellite Symposium, which ended with great success.

[2nd Day]

Session 5 Mission Idea Contest – for sustainable nano-satellite constellation program

The concept of Mission Idea Contest was introduced and the current reseaches of constellation missions were reported.

Rei Kawashima, AXELSPACE Corporation
"Introduction to Mission Idea Contest for Nano-satellite Constellation" Abstract Presentation

Martin Sweeting, SSTL
"Microsatellites - moving from research to meeting real operation missions and constellations" Presentation

Rainer Sandau, DLR
"Distributed space systems - constellations or formations?" Abstract Presentation

Herman Steyn, Stellenbosch University
"An overview of small sastellite activities in South Africa" Abstract Presentation

Jerry Sellers, Teaching Science & Technology Inc.
"Rules and Judging Criteria of the contest" Presetnation

Kaoru Yamaguchi, Japan Futures Research Center, Graduate School of Business, Doshisha University
"System Dynamics - A tool for Sustainable Project" Presentation


The "1st Nano-Satellite Symposium" was closed successfully with the speach of Prof. Nakasuka.