Travel to Japan

All International attendees at the 2nd Nano-Satellite symposium must have a valid passport  from their country of origin to travel to Japan.

Regarding the visa requirements for travel to Japan, We suggest that you contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the country you will travel from to verify the requirements. If Japanese visa is required, we recommend that you start the visa process as early as possible. Duration of visa process may vary according to the country you are traveling from.


Useful links about Japanese visa:
General Japan Visa Information
Exemption of Visa
Procedure Chart for Visas for Short-Term Stays

If you need to obtain a visa to travel to Japan for the purpose of attending the 2nd Nano-Satellite Symposium, please begin with the registration as a symposium attendee through the registration page on our website.
The symposium office will be pleased to issue an official letter of invitation which may be necessary while applying for a visa.

It is your responsibility to take out adequate personal insurance to cover travel to Japan.

Should you require an invitation letter for visa application, please contact the symposium office via email at symposium@unisec.jp