Welcome Address


Shinichi Nakasuka

Project Leader of "New Paradigm of Space Development
and Utilization by Nano-satellites"
Innovative Nano Satellite Technology Center (INSTEC),
University of Tokyo

It is our great pleasure to hold the 2nd Nano-Satellite Symposium at the University of Tokyo, Japan on March 14-16, 2011.  For years, nano-satellite research and development has been very actively performed in Japan, with more than 10 satellites launched and successfully operated in space since 2003.  In March 2010, governmentally funded program "New Paradigm of Space Development and Utilization by Nano-satellites" was kicked-off, and "Innovative Nano Satellite Technology Center (INSTEC)" in University of Tokyo is coordinating the nation-wide activities to establish an innovative architecture, development process and utilization ways of nano/micro-satellite, in order to pursue the possibility of making nano/micro-satellite viable players of space industry and utilizations.

In the world, too, nano/micro-satellites have begun to play an important roles not only in the field of "education," but also for practical applications, including space sciences, signal acquisitions, technology demonstrations, Earth observations, etc.  However, in order to make nano/micro-satellites more attractive candidates for such applications, more extensive studies will be needed in the field of subsystem technologies, architecture, systems engineering and reliability concept suitable for nano/micro-satellites, standardization, ground tests, novel utilizations, and so on.  In the 2nd Nano-satellite Symposium, we would like to exchange ideas in these fields with the researchers and engineers from all over the world, and hopefully get some hints to solve the common problems in pursuing such innovations, find some areas of mutual interest to start joint projects, or discuss the possibilities of standardizations, etc.

Please join us in 2nd Nano-satellite Symposium !
I look forward to seeing you in next March in Tokyo.