What is UNISEC?

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UNISEC is a non-profitable organization to support practical space development activities in universities and colleges, such as small satellite and hybrid rockets.

In April 2002, two organizations “UNISAT (University Satellite Consortium)” and “Hybrid rocket group” in Japan merged and obtained corporate status, for more effective and sustainable activities.


Three Pillars

1.Human Resource Development

We provide opportunities for students and all to discuss, stimulate and improve themselves through space development activities.
We support


2.Technological Development

We challenge novel technological developments for future applications. We make much of students’ actions and creative ideas unbounded by traditional ideas, which will lead to breakthrough and needs generation in small satellite and rocket markets.


We bridge across student space development activities and public. We broadcast the student projects and intend to open the doors to those who wish to join us. The distributed UNISEC members all around Japan are happy to host local events as well.



Advisory Board

Masaki AdachiMasaki AdachiNEC CorporationExecutive Specialist, Public Business Unit
Yoji IshikawaDr. Yoji IshikawaObayashi CorporationSenior Engineer
Obayashi Future Lab Technology Division
Takafumi OhnishiTakafumi OhnishiFUJITSU LIMITEDManager
Science Solutions Division
Technical Computing Solutions Unit
Ko OgasawaraKo OgasawaraMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Vice President & General Manager Business Development Department Space Systems Division Integrated Defence & Space Systems
Satoru KurosuSatoru KurosuYokogawa Electric CorporationSpace Business Development Executive
Hiroshi KoyamaHiroshi KoyamaMitsubishi Electric CorporationElectronic Systems Group
Executive Fellow
Yoshinari TakeuchiYoshinari TakeuchiKawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.Senior Staff Officer
Defence & Space Systems Department Marketing & Sales Division
Aerospace systems company
Yoichiro NakamuraYoichiro NakamuraIHI Aerospace Co., Ltd.Deputy General Manager
Sales & Marketing Department
Tadashi SasagawaFumiharu NamikiIHI CorporationDirector of Space Development Department
Aero Engine,
Space & Defense Business Area
Masao NitoMasao NitoSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationDirector of the Board & Senior Executive Vice President
Yoshinori MaedaYoshinori MaedaSKY Perfect JSAT CorporationGeneral Manager, New Business Development Division Corporate Planning & Strategy Group

(Japanese syllabary order)


Q: What is “UNISEC”?
University Space Engineering Consortium “UNISEC” represents the engineering spirit to work toward the uni (one) sec (second), the short moments such as rocket launches and satellite separation in orbit.
Q: Our laboratory is a UNISEC member. Can we ask you to put headline news on the UNISEC main page about our R&D/academic achievements?
Yes, we can link from the news page to your website, too.
Q: Can I link to UNISEC web site from my web page?
Any web sites (except those offensive to public order and morals) can link to UNISEC.
Make sure to do the followings:
  1. Link to http://unisec.jp
  2. Keep the spelling of “UNISEC” or “University Space Engineering Consortium”