What is i-CanSat

i-CanSat, developed mainly by Prof. Hironori Sahara of Tokyo Metropolitan University, is an inexpensive training tool to learn the basics of CanSat. This kit contains all of the function that a basic CanSat has, and after taking this course, student will know the skill(System engineering, handing OBC, learning how sensors work, assembly and integration, testing, project management) that they need to start their own CanSat project.
For more information on CanSat, please view the following page.

Specification of i-CanSat

i-CanSat consists of six different layer of boards, each containing a different function.

GPS Board
Battery Board
User Board
On Board Computer(PIC) Board
Camera Board
Communication(Xbee) Board
Weight 150g
Height 121.8mm
Radius 53.4mm
Microchip PICKIT 3
Ground Station for Xbee
User’s Guide

i-CanSat Training Program

UNISEC provides i-CanSat hands-on training program upon request. Through this course, participant can learn the basic and application of electronics, and learn how to use that for project. This experience will be a perfect start of the participant’s own CanSat project. Feel free to contact UNISEC office for more information regarding this course.
For Professors/Teachers who are interested in starting their own CanSat projects and competitions in your country, please take a look at CLTP website too for more training option.

Brochure for i-CanSat

i-CanSat brochure
i-CanSat textbook

i-CanSat Community

If you are interested in i-CanSat, please join the i-CanSat community.
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