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20.07.10 New 2020 UNISEC T-Shirts On Sale Now!

Brand new 2020 UNISEC T-Shirts are now for SALE!

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20.07.01 “UNISEC Guiding Principles Japan Dialects Project”. Recruiting translators!

We are looking for translators for the “UNISEC Guiding Principles Japan dialects project” who can help us translate it into local dialects in Japan!

UNISEC published Guiding Principles (in English) in 2018.

Thanks to the kindness and passion of volunteers, UNISEC Guiding Principles have been translated into several Japanese dialects. Please check the translations below by link:
・Guiding Principles (Awaben version PDF)
・Guiding Principles (Osaka dialect version PDF)
・Guiding Principles (Hiroshima dialect version PDF)

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20.06.30 2nd Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting to be held on July 11, 2020

UNISEC-Global organizes 2nd Virtual CLTP Alumni Meeting on the 11th July, 2020 at 16.00 PM İstanbul Time (GMT+03:00), 10:00 PM JST.

This time Professor Yuichi Tsuda, who is alumni of the first generation CanSat of 1999 and CubeSat which was launched in 2003 will exclusively talk to the participants of the meeting. CLTP alumni, UNISEC members and anyone who is interested in the agenda of the meeting is welcomed to participate.

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20.04.24 UNISEC Japan starts Instagram account

UNISEC Japan started its official Instagram account @unisec_japan on April 17th, 2020.

The page welcomes everyone interested in UNISEC activities and supportive of its Vision 2030-All.

Through the Instagram account UNISEC Japan wishes to connect with its members, supporters and everyone who is passionate about Space Engineering.

Please follow UNISEC Japan at   @unisec_japan

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20.04.07 UNISEC Secretariat starts tele-working

Dear UNISEC Community,

Due to the severe outbreak of corona virus in Tokyo, UNISEC Secretariat will be working from home starting this week from April 7th, 2020. There is a possibility we will not be able to answer your direct calls and faxes to the office, in that case please contact us by following e-mail:  or (for English inquiries)

We apologize for any caused inconvenience and hope for your understanding and cooperation. As for now, we wish you and your loved ones are doing well and hope the world situation stabilizes soon.