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20.04.24 UNISEC Japan starts Instagram account

UNISEC Japan started its official Instagram account @unisec_japan on April 17th, 2020.

The page welcomes everyone interested in UNISEC activities and supportive of its Vision 2030-All.

Through the Instagram account UNISEC Japan wishes to connect with its members, supporters and everyone who is passionate about Space Engineering.

Please follow UNISEC Japan at   @unisec_japan

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20.04.07 UNISEC Secretariat starts tele-working

Dear UNISEC Community,

Due to the severe outbreak of corona virus in Tokyo, UNISEC Secretariat will be working from home starting this week from April 7th, 2020. There is a possibility we will not be able to answer your direct calls and faxes to the office, in that case please contact us by following e-mail:  or (for English inquiries)

We apologize for any caused inconvenience and hope for your understanding and cooperation. As for now, we wish you and your loved ones are doing well and hope the world situation stabilizes soon.


20.04.06 Please send us information about UNISEC student organizations!

At the moment, we are up dating the information on UNISEC members. Therefore, please check the current web page of member organizations by following link: UNISEC Japan Members

If any of the information is out of date or the logo of the member organization has changed, please send us the latest information so we can up date the web page. Responsible professor or student can send us the following information:

  • ① Member name
  • ② Link (both Japanese and English pages)
  • ③ Logo or photo for Home Page

※ Photos with low resolution are OK. If your organization does not have a logo, please send us satellite, rocket, professor’s face or lab’s photo.

  • Deadline: April 8th, 2020 (Wednesday) time: 17:00
  • Send to:

20.04.03 Registration for ARLISS 2020 started !

We opened the registration for the ARLISS 2020. If you wish to participate in ARLISS 2020, please fill the   ARLISS 2020 Registration Form   (only in Japanese).

If you have any questions regarding the registration for the ARLISS 2020, please contact:

Deadline for registration: April 20, (Monday) 2020.

The “Kick-off Meeting” will be held online due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and is scheduled for April 25 (Saturday). We will notify you about the details as soon as they are determined.

We apologize for any caused inconvenience and hope for your understanding and cooperation.

As for now, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well and wish the world situation stabilizes soon.


For more information about ARLISS, please follow the link:

20.03.23 UNISEC received the Foreign Minister’s Award !!

  UNISEC got a special award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan) for the contribution to space development.

  You can see more projects and people who were awarded at “The 4th Space Development and Utilization Awards” by the following link: 4th Space Development Awards list  (Japanese version)

  More about the UNISEC-Global International Space Education and Awareness Activities you can see by the link: Foreign Minister Award  (Japanese version)

  UNISEC member organization have also received the following award in “Education of micro satellite technology to Asian countries and construction of practical use network” (Tohoku University & Hokkaido University). You can learn more about their project by this link: Education of micro satellite technology to Asian countries and construction of practical use network

  The following have been awarded for events involving UNISEC: regional revitalization, human resource development and corporate cooperation centered on the Noshiro Space Event in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture (Akita Space Consortium). You can see details about Noshiro Space event by following link: Noshiro Space Event (English version)