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18.10.25 UNISEC officially became Authorized Non-profit Organizaion

UNISEC was recognized as an Authorized Non-profit Organization  by Tokyo Metropolitan Government on October 17th (Validity period is five years.)

An Authorized NPO is the organization which is supported by the general public, whose activity and management are properly conducted, and whose information is widely opened. This status is given only to NPOs which pass the examination. Donor to the Authorized NPO can enjoy tax incentives.

In Tokyo, the number of 291 out of the total 9,362 NPOs is  admitted as Authorized NPO. To renew this authorization, more than 100 donors per year are needed. We would appreciate for continuing your support.

For further information about Authorized NPO, please check the URL below (in Japanese only.)

About Authorized NPO

18.02.19 Announcement of UNISEC’s 15th Anniversary Event

An announcement was made on December 27, 2017 about the 15th Anniversary Event of UNISEC to be held on January 27, 2018 at Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo.

The anniversary event consists of

-Free Talks by UNISEC’s first generation on what were learnt at UNISEC,

-Panel discussion on Issues of Japanese Satellite Mission,

-Brief Comments by the past representatives of UNISON,

-Future International Activities of UNISEC,

-Code of Conduct by UNISEC


Please check the digest movie below!

17.12.12 UNISEC Workshop in December

The annual UNISEC Workshop was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology (Arakawa Campus) on December 9-10, 2017.  There were many participants of students and teaching staff. The first meeting of teachers’ research and development group was also held. Thank you for your participation.


 The number of participants:

general  members: 19,  invited: 2,  total: 21

students members: 162,   Non members: 1,  total: 163

total: 184


17.09.27 Debriefing of ARLISS 2017 in Nevada, USA

A debriefing of ARLISS (A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites) was held on September 10-15, 2017.

The number of participants is as follows;

The number of teams

Japan: 16

overseas: 4(Peru, Korea, US×2)

total: 20

The number of participants

Students: 97(only Japanese)

17.08.02 Annual General Meeting in August

The 15th General Meeting was held on July 30th, 2017 at the Takeda Hall, The University of Tokyo.The event ended in great success. Thank you for your participation.

The number of participants is as follows;

studens: 87,

general: 49,

total: 136,

social gathering: 66